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Dave's new book is available now! Here's what some of David's peers in the field are saying about his new book.

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"David's book is powerful. It is transforming. David is one of the most motivating and dynamic leaders in our industry."
Dr. Steve Adubato
Motivational Speaker, Emmy Award winning broadcaster and author of "Speak From The Heart"

"This book is inspiring, informative, helpful and loaded with insights and ideas you can use immediately to be more successful and to get more living out of life."
Brian Tracy
Author, speaker and trainer

Dave's new book "Feeling Your Way Through Life"
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"We can ALL see better because.....David.....shows us how to see, feel and perceive with our inner eye so that we have a more extraordinary outer experience."
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES best selling series "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

Here's what some of David's readers have been saying:
I take pleasure from passing on and sharing books that I enjoy with family and friends. With each story and lesson from your book: Feeling Your Way Through Life, I thought of another person who could benefit from your life's lessons. There is something that everyone can learn from this book.
Kathleen Vasko

Hi Dave, 
I received your book yesterday, and I finished it this morning. I LOVE it! It is very uplifting and inspirational (just like you). I love the beach ball story and the beach ball picture on the cover. It has lots of great lines which will continue to encourage me about my own writing career. One of my favorites is, "Success is not hocus pocus. It's focus, focus." I never heard that one before! It is so true. 

I ordered another copy, which I will send to Mrs. Higgins. She hasn't taught in Belleville for over 15 years, but we keep in touch. In fact, I just had lunch with her last week. 

Again, congratulations on this great accomplishment. Thank you so much for sending me a copy. I am honored to be included, of course, and so, SO proud of you. As you continue on your journey, building on your experiences, I smile as it occurs to me...You haven't changed a bit!! 

See you soon. 
Ms. Petrillo 

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